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We speak with strictly safety and compliance

Product Compliance

As a major brand in consumer batteries, GP Batteries adheres to strict safety and complies with the highest international safety standards.

GP Batteries manufactured 4 out of 8 brands worldwide of certified primary 9V brands against UL217 specifically for Smoke Alarm application.

GP Batteries is amongst the First batch of Lithium-ion battery brands that obtained voluntary CQC mark in China, as well as UR, BIS, and MC marks in the USA, India and Malaysia to respectively cater business needs more efficiently.

GP Batteries’ IEC62133-certified Lithium-ion and NiMH batteries offer quick market penetration into 53 Certification Body scheme participating countries*.

With UN38.3 certification, all GP Lithium-ion batteries are easily transported by air and sea to 5 continents*.

*Subject to national deviation, additional tests may be needed.

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Laboratory Services

China and Singapore

GP's quality assurance centers, located strategically in China, Singapore and Hong Kong, are the pride of the company.

Both China and Singapore laboratories are well-recognized by more than 90 international regions under International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation-Mutual Recognition Agreement (ILAC-MRA).

China (Dongguan) – Chemical & Calibration Laboratory
  • CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) Accreditation
  • Testing scope
    • 2011/65/EC (RoHS Directive)
    • 2006/66/EC (Battery & Accumulator Directive)
Battery Performance Test in Singapore
  • WTDP (Witnessed Testing Data Program)
  • Testing scope
    • IEC 60086-1
    • IEC 60086-2
    • IEC 60086-5

Hong Kong Science Park

The Hong Kong laboratory, the first in Hong Kong, is the only 1 out of 6 certified to UL WTDP (Witnessed Test Data Program); it is also the only 1 out of 5 CTF (Customers' Testing Facilities - Stage 1) approved facilities in the China and Hong Kong region*.

UL Data Acceptance Program
  • WTDP (Witnessed Testing Data Program)
    • UL1642
    • UL2054
    • UL62133
    • UN38.3
IEC Manufacturer’s Testing Laboratory
  • CTF (Customer's Testing Facilities (CTF) - Stage 1)
    • IEC62133
Reliability Test for Benchmarking
  • Test conditions to be agreed with clients

*Record as at end-2016.

System Certification

In order to meet the increasing market demand, we make continuous improvement to ensure our Management System excellence for our stakeholders and clients. GP Batteries is certified against ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, SA8000, as well as the highlighted below:

Global Security Verification (GSV)

Safety matters. Our GSV certified supply chain security excellence ensuring our trade with our clients are secure, protect against terrorist acts, and to combat illegal trafficking.

ISO26000 Social Responsibility

We speak as a global excellence brands, we value the relationship with our society and environment. Our social responsibility performance is certified against ISO 26000 which proved our promises to the welfare of society and environment.


Our China and Singapore laboratories are certified against ISO17025 – the general requirement for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories to offer the most reliable service to our clients.

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