Rechargeable NiMH

With a high safety standard and a longer service life, Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries are an ideal energy choice for industrial applications, particularly suitable for high drain devices and those that require frequent battery replacements. As the largest producer of NiMH batteries (excluding EV), we offer you a wide range of products to satisfy your every specific need, from telecommunication and home appliances, to emergency call and lighting.
  • Standard Series
    Standard Series

    The core series deliver balanced performance between charge retention, Power discharge and cycle life. It’s optimized formulation also capable to deliver one of the highest energy capacity among all the competition.

  • High Drain Series
    High Drain Series

    The nickel-metal hydride High Drain Series suits devices that require a high discharge rate, such as motor loading applications. These rechargeable batteries are safe, making them suitable for both residential and commercial needs.

  • Long Cycle Life Series
    Long Cycle Life Series

    The Long Cycle Life ReCyko+ Series is designed for applications that require the longest charging and discharging cycle life – up to 1,000 cycles. It offers the highest charge retention, retaining over 85% charge capacity after one year, and making it especially suitable for devices such as flashlights.

  • Endurance and
    Longer Life Series
    Endurance and Longer Life Series

    GP Batteries has introduced the Endurance and Longer Life Series to meet increasing demand for robust batteries able to cope with extreme or wide-ranging temperatures and conditions. The range’s formulation enables batteries to deliver up to 10 years of service life — suitable for backup applications and operating temperatures ranging from -35°C to 85°C.

NiMH Series: Performance Comparison

Batteries Selection Guide
Best Suitable Suitable
ApplicationsStandardHigh DrainLong Cycle LifeEndurance and
Longer Life
Communication Cordless Phone
Walkie Talkie
Energy Storage
Lighting Device Emergency Light
LED Light
Flashlight / Lanterns
Motor Driven
Motor Toys
Electric Bottle Opener
Personal Care Shaver
Facial Cleansing Device
Dental Water Jet
Rideable eBike
Electric Wheelchair
Golf Cart
Smart Home Door Cam
Baby Monitor
Telematics eCall
Toys Electronic Gaming Device
Game Controller
Vacuum Cleaner Stick Type Vacuum Cleaner
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Misc Nail Gun
Home Entertainment Remote Controls
Portable Radios / Speaker
Portable Tape Recorders and Players
Portable TV's
Solar Application
Test Equipment
Medical Equipment
Digital Camera
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