Rechargeable Lithium

Certified Safety

Our lithium ion battery features a number of unique features to ensure absolute safety. We use a high-quality ceramic-coated polyethylene (PE) separator to act as a built-in shutdown method in the event of a fault; if the battery core reaches abnormal conditions, this durable PE layer melts down to block ion flow and chemical function throughout the battery. Each battery is also equipped with built-in vent that relieve internal pressure if it rises above normal levels. This stops the battery from reaching bursting point. Together, these and more safety-conscious design features ensure that the GP lithium-ion battery is absolutely safe.

Expansion Free

Each GP lithium-ion battery is made of the highest-quality steel via state-of-the-art automated production methods. Coupled with our innovative designs and built-in safety features, this ensures that our lithium-ion products do not expand or swell — they maintain their precise dimensions and consistent quality across their whole cycle life. This exceptional mechanical stability has been proven over hundreds of cycles — without even minimal expansion.

Quick to Charge

Our perfected lithium-ion battery design delivers fast charging, enabling engineers to incorporate fast-charge features into their products. The GP fast charge model has a step-charging profile and delivers a charging rate of 3C — we also offer a supreme model with a charging rate of up to 5C on request.

What services do we offer?

Whatever your customers require — from individual cells to battery packs — we can help. We are more than happy to supply battery testing; we offer a testing service for each of our products that meets industry requirements and will give your customers peace of mind that their purchase is a safe, reliable and a high-quality product. We’re also able to discuss Protection Circuit Module (PCM) and battery safety management measures, as needed.


We are IEC62133, UL1642, and UN38.3 compliance ready.


True wireless earphones and charging case, wireless earphones, glasses with built-in cameras, wearable devices, digital pens and IoT (Internet of Things).

Looking for a customized battery solution? Contact our industrial team for more details.

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