Zinc Air Button Batteries

Product Features
  • Robust structure design provides high resistance to against shock and vibration impact
  • 3 years shelf life
  • Coated with special anti-corrosion treatment to increase the strength against corrosion
  • Contain no mercury, lead and cadmium, make GP zinc air button batteries contribute environmentally friendly
  • Hearing Aids

Selection guide for
Zinc Air Button Battery Types
Zinc Air Button Batteries
Model Dimension (mm) Voltage (V) Nominal Capacity (mAh) Cross reference
Diameter Height IEC / JIS Energizer Varta Duracell
ZA10 5.8 3.6 1.4 90.0 PR70 AC10 - DA230
ZA13 7.9 5.4 1.4 290.0 PR48 AC13 V13A DA13
ZA312 7.9 3.6 1.4 170.0 PR41 AC312 V312A DA312
ZA675 11.6 5.4 1.4 620.0 PR44 AC675 V675HPA DA675

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