Alkaline Cylindrical Batteries

Performance Characteristics
Product Features
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly All our cylindrical and coin alkaline batteries are free from toxic chemicals (mercury, lead, cadmium), which makes disposing of them is easy, quick and safe. They can be discarded along with regular domestic waste, which lessens their impact on the environment.
  • Safe and secure Each individual cylindrical battery is equipped with a protective safety vent. This relieves internal pressure that builds up within faulty batteries, and minimises the risk of swelling or failure.
  • Adaptable and high-performing No one battery fits all. We offer different sizes and grades of cylindrical and coin battery to suit every device, drain level and customer, and ensure the best possible performance at all temperatures (-20°C to +54°C) and locations (indoor or outdoor).
  • Toys

  • Flashlights

  • Shavers

Selection guide for
Alkaline Cylindrical Primary Battery Types
Alkaline Cylindrical Batteries
Model Dimension (mm) Voltage (V) Cross reference
Diameter Height IEC JIS Energizer Other
Ultra Plus (For high drain application, e.g. flashlights)
13AUP 34.2 61.5 1.5 LR20 LR20 E95 D
14AUP 26.2 50.0 1.5 LR14 LR14 E93 C
15AUP 14.5 50.5 1.5 LR6 LR6 E91 AA
24AUP 10.5 44.5 1.5 LR03 LR03 E92 AAA
1604AUP 26.5(L)×17.5(W)×48.5(H) 9.0 6LF22 6LF22 522 -
Super (For low drain application, e.g. toys)
13A 34.2 61.5 1.5 LR20 LR20 E95 D
14A 26.2 50.0 1.5 LR14 LR14 E93 C
15A 14.5 50.5 1.5 LR6 LR6 E91 AA
24A 10.5 44.5 1.5 LR03 LR03 E92 AAA
25A 8.3 42.5 1.5 LR8D425 - E96 AAAA
910A 12.0 30.2 1.5 LR01 LR01 - N
312A 62.0(L)×22.0(W)×67.0(H) 4.5 3LR12 - - -
908A 66.0(L)×66.0(W)×111.0(H) 6.0 4LR25 4LR25X - -
1604A 26.5(L)×17.5(W)×48.5(H) 9.0 6LR22 6LR22 522 -
1412AP 35.5(L)×9.2(W)×48.4(H) 6.0 - - 539 J

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