Lithium Cylindrical Batteries

Performance Characteristics
Product Features
  • Safe and reliableOur cylindrical lithium batteries are designed and manufactured with safety as a top priority. Each is fitted with a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) device to protect against external short circuiting, and a positive cap with safety vents. This prevents internal pressure from building up excessively and causing the battery to fail.
  • Powerful and long-lastingThe spiral cell design and construction of our primary cylindrical batteries increases the amount of power the cells can provide to high-drain devices, making them especially suitable for power-hungry applications. Both cylindrical and button lithium batteries have a long service life, with self-discharge rates of less than 1% per year.
  • AdaptableOur lithium batteries operate over an exceptionally wide temperature range — from -40°C to +60°C for cylindrical and -20°C to +65°C for button batteries — to deliver a reliable and optimal performance for a diverse range of professional and industrial devices.
  • Eco-friendlyOur products comply with Battery Directives (2006/66/EC).
  • Home Security

  • Cameras

Selection guide for
Primary Lithium Cylindrical Batteries
ModelDimension (mm)Voltage (V)Cross reference
CR14250 14.5 25.0 3.0 - - - - -
CR2 15.6 27.0 3.0 - EL1CR2 DLCR2 CR-2 -
CR123A 16.8 34.5 3.0 CR17345 EL123 DL123A CR-123A -
CR2/3A 16.8 34.0 3.0 - - - CR-2/3AZ -
CR17450 17 45.0 3.0 CR17450 CR-AG
CR-P2 34.8(L)x19.5(W)x35.8(H) 6.0 CR-P2 EL223 DL223A CR-P2 -
2CR5 34.0(L)x17.0(W)x45.0(H) 6.0 2CR5 EL2CR5 DL245 2CR-5 -
CR-V9 26.5(L)x17.5(W)x48.5(H) 9.0 - LA522 DL1604 - U9VL
15LF 14.5 50.0 1.5 FR6 L91 LF1500 - -
24LF 10.5 44.5 1.5 FR03 L92 LF2000 - -

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